Saudi FAM Redefining Perspectives

In an unprecedented collaboration, TBO Academy partnered with Kizan Tourism to orchestrate a game-changing Familiarization (FAM) trip to Saudi Arabia. Seven agents and two TBO Academy members embarked on this transformative journey, with a notable presence of female participants whose perspectives were notably altered by the experience.

The "TBO Academy Hosts Saudi FAM" was a milestone achievement, marking a successful partnership between the entities. The itinerary traversed iconic destinations like AlUla, Riyadh, Diriyah's UNESCO site, and Jeddah, providing an immersive cultural encounter for the participants.

During the expedition, agents engaged deeply with local communities, explored historical sites, and witnessed the seamless fusion of tradition and innovation in Saudi Arabia. Their enthusiastic feedback upon return emphasized their newfound appreciation for the country's cultural richness and warm hospitality.

This collaborative initiative significantly enriched the agents' expertise, empowering them to craft exceptional travel experiences for clients. It reaffirms our commitment to enhancing the travel industry by broadening our agents' understanding and ensuring unparalleled satisfaction for those we serve.

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