Latest Update:- The Salwa Border Crossing between Saudi and Qatar will also be open for travel

Football World Cup 2022 with


20th November 2022 - 18th December 2022

Sell Saudi during the Football World Cup

  • HAYYA CARD: Did you know, Hayya card holders are welcomed into Saudi ten days prior to the start of the World Cup?
  • No accommodation available in Doha? Worry not. Dammam is just 1 hour flight from Doha. There are plenty of Shuttle flights introduced.
  • Why just stop at the Football World Cup? Help fans explore the neighboring Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its beautiful attractions.
  • Oh and of course, there is the Riyadh Boulevard!!

Flights to Saudi

With a short flight of 60 minutes, you can Hop between Doha and Dammam.

Explore Saudi during FIFA

  • - 5 Days All-inclusive Travel Package
  • - 6 Days All-inclusive Travel Package
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