About SNCF

SNCF is your gateway to discover the wonders of France by train. SNCF trains take you to all corners of France, as well as to international destinations like Spain and Germany. There are three major SNCF trains you can take – TGV, TER and Intercities. These SNCF trains take you on national, regional and local routes, including high-speed trains from Paris train stations.

Trains by SNCF

Trains by SNCF TGV INOUI Trains by SNCF Intercities Trains by SNCF TER Trains by SNCF OUIGO

Coach by SNCF

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    • Available on TGV and Intercities trains
    • Tickets are non-refundable or exchangeable
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    Second Class
    • Available on TGV and Intercities SNCF trains
    • Second Class tickets are exchangeable and refundable
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    First Class
    • Available on TGV and Intercities trains
    • First Class tickets are also exchangeable and refundable
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    Business Class
    • Access to the Grand Voyageur lounge in the station
    • Free WiFi on TGV trains
    • Business First tickets are fully flexible, exchangeable and refundable

Routes by SNCF

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    Paris to Lyon
    • Fastest route: 1h 52m
    • Trains per day: 33
    • Distance: 391km
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    Paris to Bordeaux
    • Fastest route: 2h 4m
    • Trains per day: 21
    • Distance: 499km
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    Marseille to Toulouse
    • Fastest route: 3h 56m
    • Trains per day: 7
    • Distance: 319km
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    Lyon to Nice
    • Fastest route: 4h 31m
    • Trains per day: 4
    • Distance: 300km
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is SNCF the same as TGV?

    TGV is a high-speed rail service of SNCF taking passengers across France on trains

  • What does the SNCF stand for?

    SNCF stands for Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Francais

  • Is it cheaper to book SNCF in advance

    SNCF tickets are generally available for purchase 3 months in advance. We recommend booking them as early as possible to save money on your journey.

  • Can my client travel on SNCF with my Eurail pass?

    Yes! All SNCF trains are available to use with a Eurail Pass, and depending on which pass you buy, there may be unlimited use on them as well. It's worth noting, you may be required to reserve on certain trains such as the TGV or on night services, which could incur an additional fee.

  • How much does SNCF train cost?

    The popular routes of SNCF trains start from:

    1: Trains from Paris to Nice: From $82

    2: Trains from Lyon to Paris: From $49

    3: Trains from Paris to Bordeaux: From $38

    (Note: Prices are subject to change without prior notice)

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