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Welcome to Saudi Arabia – The Kingdom of diversity!

Saudi Arabia is incomparable in its ability to inspire travelers to embark on a journey of cultural enrichment and unparalleled exploration. Saudi has so much to offer in terms of adventure, culture, heritage, and authentic experiences.

Language: Arabic is the official language and is spoken by locals in day-to-day life to do dealing and public transactions. Although English is the second most spoken language in the kingdom and is widely used. Also, all the road signs are bilingual making it easier for all to be aware of.

Culture: The rich heritage and culture of the nation are shaped by its position firstly as the birthplace of Islam, and secondly as the historic trade hub. As stated before, the kingdom has undergone a significant cultural transformation. Vision 2030 have evolved century old traditions to fit the modern world.

Also, note that coffee is a huge part of Saudi Arabian culture, from the rich variety of flavors to the traditional preparation techniques. It is also how the visitors are welcomed into the nation.

Mid-September to Mid-December

During the autumn season experience the gentle breeze swaying and whistling at the same inviting the travelers from all around the world to witness Saudi in fall. The days are warm, and the evenings are milder so plan accordingly. Make sure to for an evening stroll along Jeddah’s waterfront, indulging in al-fresco dining or visiting Al Ahsa’s cool desert springs.

Pack walking shoes, sweater for cooler evenings and air-conditioned buildings.

Mid-December to Mid-March

The winters in Saudi Arabia are incogitable. The days are mild and refreshing while the nights are cooler. This is also the ideal time for camping, rock climbing or exploring Saudi Arabia’s verdant highlands and bustling cities, from Riyadh to Jeddah. Visitors could be lucky enough to experience snowfall in the northern highlands (Tabuk), covering the slopes and desert sands.

Mid-March to Mid-June

Spring season in the Kingdom is quite energetic, especially in the north. The temperatures are expected to go as down as 15 degrees C where the central and southern regions stay warm with an average temperature of 20 degrees C. It is also the rainfall season in the central and in the southwest over the Aseer Mountains.

Don’t forget to pack layers — like light sweaters, scarves, or pashminas — plus a rain jacket and sunglasses.

Mid-June to Mid-September

The temperatures are comparatively high in the summer season across the country. The early mornings and late evenings are ideal times to step out on the street for visitors to feel like a local. However, they can engage in indoor and water activities in the daytime.

Do pack — lightweight clothing, sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses, water shoes, and a hat to protect oneself from the sun.

Currency Exchange: In the kingdom, currency exchange services are available at all banks. Airports, several malls, and numerous other sites around the nation all have exchange bureaus. All around the kingdom, credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted. A lot of places have ATMs.
Send and Receive Money: By using an online money transfer service or a bank that provides quick money transfer services, you may send or receive money in Saudi Arabia while adhering to the laws and restrictions set out by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA).
Taxes: In Saudi Arabia, all products and services that businesses buy, and sell are subject to a 15% indirect tax (VAT). A few things are exceptions.
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