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Are you ready for your time in Saudi Arabia? Let s not forget about the VISA

Travelers have the option to acquire a Saudi Tourist Visa through official channels, granting a single entry and valid for up to a year. For a more unhurried exploration of the country, allowing the flexibility to return at will, the Saudi multiple entry visa is on offer, with a validity spanning from 1 to 5 years. For those with family members residing in Saudi Arabia, an application for a family visit visa is also within reach. Furthermore, if your travel plans involve a stopover in Saudi Arabia while en-route to another destination, securing a transit visa is obligatory.

Apart from the conventional visa application route, travellers from select countries like USA, Canada, Japan, India, along with multiple European Countries, can avail of the convenient Saudi eVisa system. Please note that it is crucial to ensure that your passport retains a minimum of six months of validity when seeking a Saudi eVisa.

Saudi Tourist Visa for Indian Nationals:

Indian nationals can apply for a Saudi eVisa for tourists traveling in the country. The process is quick and usually takes any time between three and five days and costs around SAR 440. The single visit visa for Indian national is valid for thirty days and allows hassle-free travel across Saudi Arabia. For a longer plan or repeated visits, you can apply for a multiple-visit visa.

Saudi Tourist Visa for UAE Passport Holders:

GCC nationals including people from UAE do not need any visa to visit Saudi Arabia. They can enter the country by showing their national ID card or any other valid identity document.

Saudi Tourist Visa for Qatar Passport Holders:

The residents of Qatar who have a valid Saudi passport do not need a visa to explore the kingdom. Others have the option to get an eVisa or apply for a traditional visa by visiting the embassy.

Saudi Tourist Visa for Egypt Passport Holders:

Egyptians require a tourist visa to enter Saudi Arabia and can do so by submitting all the valid documents at the embassy.

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